Вторник, 31 января
USD69.59 EUR75.78
  1. Rooms are available to Russian and Foreign citizens after the presentation of passport.
  2. Citizens who have not reached the age of 18 years, the rooms are provided with their parents or their legal representatives.
  3. Payment for accommodation and services in the rooms is accepted in cash, non-cash payment and credit cards.
  4. Check-out time at 12 noon. Check-in time at 2 pm.
  5. The accommodation fee for children under 5 years in case of staying together with their parents without provided bed is free.
  6. In case check –out is delayed for more than 10 minutes, prolonging accommodation is possible only if the room is free and not booked by other person. The hotel rates according to the time of the guest`s delaying, but not less than per hour .
  7. For guest`s safety the territories of the Russian Apartments (except for rooms and toilets) are under 24-hour video surveillance system.
  8. The administration of the hotel is not responsible for work of city communications (light, heat, water cut-offs.).
  9. The administration of the hotel reserves the right to enter the guest`s room without agreement in case of fumigation, fire, flood, breach of the accommodation rules, disorderly behavior, the breach of the rules of household devices usage.
  10. The administration of the hotel is not responsible for loss of guest`s valuable things kept in the room. In case of detection of lost things the administration of the hotel takes measures in returning them to their owners. If the owner is not found, the administration of the hotel reports to the police.
  11. In the absence of guest, upon the expiry of 2 hours of his check-out time, the administration of the hotel has the right to appoint a commission and to conduct an inventory of the property being in the room. The administration of the hotel is taking into its responsibility tangible assets in the form of currency assets, precious metals, security papers. If in 24-hours, guest or his legal representative does not return for the property, the administration of the hotel informs the police about the finding.
  12. In case of complaints from the guest, the administration of the hotel takes all possible measures, guided by the law of the Russian Federation «Concerning the Protection of Consumers` Rights» and Government Act of April 25, 1997 N490 « Concerning the rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation» to resolve conflict situations.
  13. The guests are prohibited:
    • To smoke in the non-smoking areas
    • To leave unauthorized persons in your absence, pass to unauthorized persons room- key
    • To keep bulky things in the room, inflammable materials, arms, toxic stuff, drugs and radioactive materials
    • To keep pets without the agreement with the administration of the hotel (birds, reptiles)
    • Be in a state of alcohol and / or drugs
    • To appear in public places in an unappropriate clothes and shoes (dirty/vogue);
    • Change the interiors, make rearrangement, move out the room furniture, bedding and other property
    • To use personal electric heating appliances, if its not provided in the room
    • To leave windows, doors opened, running water, electric appliance turned on, when going out
    • To use pyrotechnics (fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers, etc.)
    • Throw rubbish out of the windows
    • Disturb other guests staying in nearby rooms
  14. Administration of the Company "MK" has the right to refuse any person who:
    • are in a state of alcohol and/ or drugs
    • did not present passport
    • do not agree to these basic rules, conditions and rates for accommodation in the "Russian Apartments"
    • did not make payment for their staying
    • disturb public order
  15. The administration of the Company "MK" has the right to cancel rental agreement unilaterally, or refuse to extend the period of residence in case of a breach of the above mentioned rules, delayed payment of accommodation and services, causing damage of the Company "MK" property. In this case, the administration of the hotel has the right to impose a fine on the Guest or evict violators at any time by holding the payment of the accommodation for the current 24-hours.
  16. At the guest`s request it is allowed for outside visitors (invited by guests) to stay from 9am to 10pm in the "Russian Apartments". The administration of the hotel has the right, without any reasons do not give the guest a residence permission. In case of outside visitor`s delay in the room from 10pm to 9am in the "Russian Apartments" he/she must be registered in guest's room. Presence of outside visitors in guest`s room will be charged at the current tariff rate of staying in the hotel.
  17. In cases not covered by these rules, the administration of the hotel and the consumer are guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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