Вторник, 09 февраля
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Cafe "SchiSliva"

Cafe "SchiSliva"

SchiSliva - cafe of Russian cuisine. Local, seasonal, fresh, home, farm and at the same time modern, including all the best from the culinary traditions of the world and Russian cuisine. Cabbage soup, meat dumplings, Sbiten, cheese cakes - these dishes are not dishes of the XVII century, you can try them now and feel the development of Russian cuisine, which is changing and enriching every day. We prepare delicious dishes of the best products, sticking to the traditions of rational food. We take care about the comfort and health of our guests, so we decided to make it non-smoking.

Today "SchiSliva" - the largest non-smoking cafe in Moscow.

Specially for guests with children we have equipped the excellent nursery, made children's menu and special children's entertainment program on the weekends.

For business people, we have prepared a better alternative to a business lunch: provided a 30% discount on the main menu on weekdays from 13:00 to 17:00.

Our cafe - the perfect place for parties, receptions and corporate events.There are five rooms, two bars and a private meeting room on the two floors.


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